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— Who I Am —

Success Story Best Practices Guide

How Customer Shop Today Using On-Line Resources

By reading and implementing the suggestions in this paper, businesses like yours have experienced:

A better understanding of how they acquire customers

– Increased transparency of where they may be losing potential customers

– A roadmap of specific action steps to take in building your online presence

Current Project Social Assurance Media 

Social Assurance Media is a full-service digital marketing agency that helps to convert shoppers to buyers.

By offering comprehensive online digital advertising Social Assurance Media helps clients
– UNDERSTAND their ideal customer
– BUILD messaging & tools that resonate with them
– ATTRACT prospects eager to buy.

— Here’s What I Have Done So Far —

Social Assurance Media

Using Online Marketing To Convert Shoppers to Buyers

Wayne, PA

Manages client engagements from the start, bringing best practices from diverse industries. Utilizes university-level research, current digital advertising and social selling strategies, and executes with practicality and sustainability at the forefront.

TME Communications

The Remote Marketing Cubicle – Shorter b2b Sales Cycles
Wayne, PA

Functions as the online social marketing platforms lead. Manages multiple projects with three vendors and numerous stakeholders. Development & implementation of strategic online advertising campaign for a b2b instrumentation company.

Edspire, Inc.

Operations Consulting Company – Operations Manager/Chief of Staff
Limerick, PA

Developed and aided execution of content marketing campaign delivering value in the eyes of the customer. Established and managed online communication channels (Website, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Blog, etc.). Planned and organized speaker training for Key Opinion Leaders.

Snow Plow PA

Tri-County Property Management Company – Scaled from 0 → 100+ Sites

King of Prussia, PA

Architected and executed online lead generation campaign generating 17 new client properties in 3 weeks. Negotiated contracts with residential and large property managers with 3,000,000+ sqft under management. Orchestrated, negotiated, communicated and executed first successful exit from business in 2017.

Pay It Forward Networking

A Tri-State Networking Group for Business Professionals

Exton, PA

Established and managed online communications platforms including social and meetup.com. Built brand awareness and membership database (primarily using online marketing) to more than 500 members. Orchestrated event planning logistics including meeting space, attendee list and guest speakers.

— People and Experiences Are Everything to Me —

Life is short, make the most of it!

— My Latest Business Creations —

I am always looking to work with inspiring and ambitious individuals.  If any of these apear interesting to you, drop me a line and we can discuss!


Industry: B2B – Services Company

Need/Want: The client wanted their company to remain top of mind, even after the prospect visited and left the company website.  “You know, like Amazon does with products you search for” – Client

What We Did: We implemented a two-step retargeting program for their corporate website and product microsite.  Each visitor was “pixeled” with a tracking code and then a time based remarketing program was run for them.  We generated sales in the form of repeat business and new customers purchasing their second or third exposure

Application To You: The same concept applies for B2B and B2C companies.  These strategies can run on just a few dollars per day!   

Industry: B2C – Services Company

Need/Want: The client wanted to leverage social media to do more than just post pictures and get likes/followers.  They wanted to implement an online marketing program to get leads and drive sales.

What We Did: We architected a high impact, low maintenance, social media marketing program utilizing custom audience targeting through the Facebook Ads platform.  We ran lead ads directing prospects to a series of landing page offers.  

Application To You: People are people are people at the end of the day.  The same concept applies for B2B and B2C companies.  Your prospects are already placing their attention on these platforms so your brand should show up there as well.    

Industry: B2B – Services Company

Need/Want: The client wanted to improve their ranking in online search results when prospects searched for specific terms. 

What We Did: Because the client was a location-specific business and operated in an incredibly competitive keyword field, we approached the problem with the idea of utilizing Google My Business to increase rankings.  We established, verified, keyword tagged and implemented a content posting calendar for their Google My Business listing.   

Application To You: If you have attempted developing an SEO campaign previously with lackluster results, consider ranking for specific key words with your Google My Business ranking as opposed to your website.   

Industry: B2C – Products Company

Need/Want: The client wanted to sell more mid-level products (not the cheapest and lowest barrier to entry ones).  They currently made many one-off sales but struggled to ascend customers up the value ladder and purchase more.  

What We Did: Architected a 3 step opt-in funnel.  We focused on leveraging the low barrier to entry product and then presenting the prospect with immediate upsells and down-sells.  This qualified serious buyers and identified those just searching so that we could better allocate additional advertising dollars.    

Application To You: Most every business we have worked with could benefit from some sort of online sales funnel.  It could have only 2 steps or expand to 7 steps.  The purpose is to capture leads and ascend prospects up the value ladder of services.

— This Is My Sytem —

Pursue Passions, Not Paychecks

Debt Free, Stay @ Home Dad

Pay it forward, help someone who can’t

Stop pointing out problems, start being part of the solution

Timebox projects, you will be amazed what you can accomplish

Always have a side hustle/side business Project

Regret sucks, go out and do “it”

A man’s name is more valuable than silver and gold

Worrying will not add one second to your life, stop it!

— Ideas To Pursue —

I am always open to working on “passion projects”.

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